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A33 Twister - Leste pre-alpha.jpg
Manufacturer TurboX


Bought from here: http://plesio.bg/tableti-c-69981200/turbo-x-twister-tablet-7-black-p-326390.html

Extracted touchscreen firmware from android, had to extract exact touchscreen driver info ; Touch screen firmware was extracted from Android: https://github.com/onitake/gsl-firmware

Otherwise should just work with mainline driver - lima works with some patches! (See https://maemo-leste.github.io/maemo-leste-lima-works.html)

Picture of the inside: http://wizzup.org/tablet.jpg



(Some of these values may not be available in the latest image yet)

Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version 4.19+ Mainline + Lima + Display patches: https://github.com/maemo-leste/lime2-linux/tree/lime2-and-twister-4.19-rc4-20181207
Serial Probably Need to locate it on the board
Charging Yes
Wireless Yes Driver is still in staging
Bluetooth  ?
(Micro USB) Yes Peripheral and OTG
Keyboard N/A
Screen Yes sunxi drm
3D Acceleration WIP Works, with lima - https://maemo-leste.github.io/maemo-leste-lima-works.html https://github.com/maemo-leste/bugtracker/issues/181
Touchscreen Yes Capacitive
Audio WIP Headphones work, speakers not yet (or untested)
Accelerometer  ? Not sure if available
Proximity sensor  ? Not sure if available
eMMC Yes
HW accelerated video encode/decode  ? Should work with Cedrus in Linux 4.20+


(Current image does not yet ship with Lima)


dd the image to the sd card, boot.