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Data is stored in /home/user/.calendar/calendardb - in SQLite3 format.


Qalendar is Qt5 implementation of the Maemo Calendar, source is here:

It should mostly function as the Maemo calendar, see the feature comparison here:


(On maemo/beowulf-devel with a radicale server set up)


apt install qalendar syncevolution

Example URL is


- using ssh tunneling to forward the remote radicale port to a local port. This is no by means required for operation - just pick any host that works for you.

For reference, this can be used to set up the ssh port forward if you're keen on using it (but again, just pick whatever host you want to use):

ssh myhost -L 5223:localhost:5223

OK, so let's configure syncevolution and do the initial sync:

syncevolution --configure \
              --template webdav \
             username=USER \
             password=PASS \
             syncURL=http://localhost:5223/ \

syncevolution --configure \
             database=http://localhost:5223/USER/UUID/ \
             backend=caldavtodo \
             target-config@radicale radicaletodo

syncevolution --configure \
             database=http://localhost:5223/USER/UUID/ \
             backend=caldavjournal \
             target-config@radicale radicalejournal

syncevolution --configure \
             database=http://localhost:5223/USER/UUID/ \
             backend=caldav \
             target-config@radicale radicalecal

syncevolution --configure \
             --template SyncEvolution_Client \
             sync=none \
             syncURL=local://@radicale \
             username= \
             password= \

syncevolution --configure \
             sync=two-way \
             backend=maemo-tasks \
             database= \
             radicale radicaletodo

syncevolution --configure \
             sync=two-way \
             database= \
             radicale radicalejournal

syncevolution --configure \
             sync=two-way \
             backend=maemo-events \
             database= \
             radicale radicalecal

syncevolution --sync refresh-from-client radicale radicalejournal
syncevolution --sync refresh-from-client radicale radicaletodo
syncevolution --sync refresh-from-client radicale radicalecal

And the next time you want to synchronise, just call:

syncevolution --sync two-way radicale radicalecal
  • cal-home-widget has also been ported


  • port Syncevolution GUI

Random resources: