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Maemo Leste development is split up in a few different places.

Communication and organising

  • Our website is where we post (news) updates, as well as on this thread:
  • There is the issue tracker; for filing bugs and keeping track of issues/milestones.
  • The day-to-day development and user chatter mostly takes place in the IRC channel (We might eventually want to switch some discussion to a mailing list, but that has not happened so far. Please raise your voice if this is important to you.)
  • This wiki: for documenting the status of various long-running projects, status per device, etc.



To aid development and provide "continous integration" we have a build server, which takes a git repository and builds software and packages it, and will automatically make said package end up in Maemo Leste repositories. This is done by Jenkins, and the instance can be found here:

Developing on a device

Actual development is mostly done from within Maemo Leste itself. (For Maemo Fremantle users, this might sound weird, but there is essentially no need for a 'scratchbox' type VM)

The current developers mostly work in a Virtual Machine or on a Raspberry Pi.


  • Discuss where people look to pick up issues (clear answer is the bugtracker, but still)
  • How people can make changes and how to send them in