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This page lists some of the more important open issues for Maemo Leste. We have a complete list here, on github, but it's a bit hard to navigate:

Task Description Task Status User(s) working on task GH Bug URLs Notes
Monitor keyboard slide and attached state Required on devices with a keyboard like Nokia_N900 and Motorola_Droid_4 to show specific parts of the virtual keyboard, or rotate DONE User:ThomasAH, Spinal84 ; ke-recv part for slide monitoring is in place, we just need live keyboard-attached monitoring now. mce has quite some usable code for this already, resulting code should probably go into ke-recv-extra (aka hulda). mer-core (sailfish/nemomobile) has keyboard monitoring integrated into mce, so we could also look at (using) that
Gtk3 port of theme and hildon widgets Big task, port hildon widgets and theme from gtk2 to gtk3. Funding is available for this task WIP/TODO Some work was done in the past
Qt5 of theme and hildon widgets Big task, port hildon widgets and theme from qt4 to qt5. Funding is available for this task WIP User:freemangordon made a start, User:Wizzup picking up some of the work Mainly usable already!
Forward-port clutter patches from Nokia N900 clutter 0.8 to libclutter1.0 ? *MAYBE* Required on devices with a PowerVR GPU like Nokia_N900 and Motorola_Droid_4 for hildon-desktop to work. In particular important for Droid 4 to get accelerated hildon-desktop DONE (by staying at clutter 0.8)
libicd-network-ofono should set up ipv4 (and ipv6) upon connect Required to get usable cellular data. Provisioning is done, but the actual link itself is not yet set up. Once we have this, we should have usable cellular data on all devices with a supported modem. TODO
Extend ofono droid4 modem support There is some ofono support in a branch, but it lacks a sim manager and some other interfaces required for maemo userspace wIP Tony, Pavel and User:Wizzup are working on this
Set up leste "extras" repository A repository with non-core applications, games, etc would be very welcome DONE User:Wizzup, User:Parazyd ;
Finish connui-cellular port to ofono Porting of connui libraries, status and home applets, settings applets and pincode applets to ofono WIP User:Wizzup
Test phone calls on the N900 Figure out cmtspeechdata magic WIP? User:Wizzup, User:Sicelo, Pavel
Test phone calls on the droid4 Phone calls should work, with audio, when alsamixer is set up properly, let's test it! WORKS User:Wizzup, User:Sicelo
Create simple phone UI to test dialing/accepting phone calls using Telepathy Would be good to test phone calls, can be simple/not-pretty, using telepathy is good, could be sip or real calls WIP ?
"hildonize" surf2 or create a simple "hildonized" gtk2 webkit browser We'll need a basic browser. surf2 (in Debian) could be a good start, but the current package needs gtk3, and we only have a hildon (maemo ui) port for gtk2 right now. So let's make sure we can build something with webkit against gtk2. WIP User:Parazyd
Look at N900 power saving We do not hit omap off modes nearly as much as we should (in fact, we never do), this should be looked at WIP User:Wizzup, tmlind Actually works quite well on the droid4. Let's do the same for Droid4. :)
osso-abook We need osso-abook in place for all applications that need contacts (phone ui, sms ui, email ui, more) WIP User:freemangordon Making good progress
hildon-application-manager usable We currently have HAM packaged, but it needs fixes for various compile issues we hacked around, cssu-specific parts need to be removed, and we need to figure out what we need to do for our repositories to make it work well DONE User:minicom, User:Wizzup, User:Parazyd Goal is to have a usable app manager, so let's just use it, fix it, use it, etc.
Fix virtual keyboard rendering On a screen that is not the same of the N900 (800x480), the virtual keyboard doesn't look very pretty. Lets just make it work on any display size DONE
Fix remaining hildon-desktop portait mode issues The application launcher results in a black screen, and osso-xterm in portait mode is also resulting in a black screen WIP? User:freemangordon
Port all packages for maemo-leste to debhelper 9 or higher Requires for us to migrate to a newer Debian (Buster) / Devuan (Beowulf) DONE User:Parazyd, User:Wizzup, User:meridion, User:Spinal84