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MStarDict SelectDictionary.png
Status Working
Import date 2022-09-16
Leste repo https://github.com/maemo-leste-extras/mstardict
Category Category:Utilities
Packager User:Norayr

What is this.

MStarDict is a simple offline dictionary based on code of StarDict written in C++ using Gtk2. It allows you to use stardict compatible dictionaries and reference books, of which many can be found.

The original announce thread from 2010 is on https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=44979

How to obtain dictionaries

For usage, you can grab any stardict dictionary and unpack them in MyDocs/mstardict/. There are many sources to grab such dictionaries from, buZz setup a mirror thats linked below for a big pile of free dictionaries.

How to use it

Launch the program, make sure to enable a dictionary and just type a query.

For text to speech, the program has two options. The first uses plain espeak built-in TTS and a gender selection for reading out the entrynames. The second is called 'Real People' in the program and requires WyabdcRealPeopleTTS.tar.bz2 and/or OtdRealPeopleTTS.tar.bz2. I'm not sure how the second option is supposed to work. For the espeak one no added files are needed.

Some pictures

Other links


Devuan has 'qstardict', 'goldendict' and 'sdcv' in its repos which all support the same dictionary files as input. Also there is 'dictconv' to convert em back and forth. And there's even some dictionaries! 'stardict-english-czech' and 'stardict-german-czech'. You'll have to copy those dictionaries after installing to MyDocs/mstardict/ yourself.