Getting Started

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(SSH) Login

User credentials are: user:user

Root credentials are: root:toor

You should prefer logging in as user and then escalating to root with sudo as necessary.

Useful Bits

  • Default lockcode is "12345"
  • Lockcode can only be changed if your hardware has CAL. QEMU does not have CAL. Droid 4 also not.

More RAM

You can install zram-tools from the repo, and edit /etc/default/zram as necessary. hildon-base (and it's hildon-env-setup initscript) are aware if zramswap in installed and will activate zram. If you have an image older than 17 January 2021, you should remove the existing zram initscript and install zram-tools to utilize this functionality.

Remove it with:

rc-update del zram
rm /etc/init.d/zram


See Tweaking