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We are on ; channel #maemo-leste

You can connect from your browser using the webchat. However, a dedicated IRC client is recommended for long-term use.

We want everyone to feel free in our channel, but also remain productive. Therefore, while we do not 'police' the channel, it is also good etiquette to remain on-topic as far as possible.

If you use Matrix, then you can connect to the IRC channel via Freenode's bridge. Simply join the room However, please note the following caveats when using the bridge:

  • Matrix allows a message to have multiple lines (i.e. include returns). This does not look good on IRC clients. Therefore, please refrain from sending multi-line messages
  • Matrix allows sending media and files within the chat, while IRC does not. On IRC, this will appear as an URL. Please do not send any media or files directly into an IRC room. Use a pastebin, and paste the URL to the item, and include a brief explanation about the link. Otherwise no one might be willing to open it