Motorola Droid 3

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Motorola Droid 3
Manufacturer Motorola
Codename Solana XT862 / XT860
Dimensions todo
Release Date todo
Category Supported
Hardware Features
LCD 960x540 4"
Video PowerVR SGX540
Storage 16GB flash
Sensors todo
Software Features
Kernel 5.15.0
Serial Yes, special cable
Charging Yes
USB Slave Yes
USB Host Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Keyboard Yes
Screen Yes
HDMI-out Untested
3D acceleration Yes [1] (closed)
Vibration motor Yes
Audio Yes
Phone calls No (needs modem work)
SMS No (needs modem work)
Wifi Yes
Bluetooth todo
FM transmitter No, but apparently exists, needs serdev kernel modules/drivers
Accelerometer Yes
Compass Yes, no integration
Proximity Sensor Yes
Ambient Light Sensor Yes
GPS No (needs modem work)
Front Camera No
Back Camera(s) No

This device is called "Motorola Milestone 3" outside of the US.


Hardware requirements:

  • Droid 3 with fully charged battery
  • MicroUSB cable
  • MicroSD card

Software requirements:

  • Host Linux system
  • Android Tools: fastboot adb

Download from

  1. Latest maemo-leste-1.0-armhf-bionic-*.img.xz

Download from

  1. droid4-kexecboot.img

Download or clone (solana branch!)

Follow the instructions in bionic-clown-boot's readme to install kexecboot on your device.

Now, flash the Maemo Leste image to your sdcard.


Device is still heavy work in the progress. The following is known not to work:

  • Brightness control (screen is always max brightness)
  • Keyboard backlight
  • Modem interrupts, it is visible on USB but other communication with it doesn't work
  • pstore (needs figuring out what the reserved memory is on Android)
  • See if we can use 512MB ram instead of 509MB (see dts)
  • 3d shows some frame lag / misdrawing, so probably powervr clock needs adjusting (seems solved on kernel 5.15)
  • touchscreen buttons do not work yet (fixed on 5.15)
  • keyboard layout in Leste is not faithful to the icons on the keyboard, but rather mostly mimic droid 4

Additionally, the device suffers from random hangs while in use, causing resets. When pstore works, we can hopefully figure this out. (Haven't seen them on 5.15)

Also, the device often comes network locked. User:Wizzup has access to Sigmakey software and can help remotely remove the network lock.