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You will now have see Maemo Leste boot up, and show you an unaccelerated hildon-desktop after about one minute.
You will now have see Maemo Leste boot up, and show you an unaccelerated hildon-desktop after about one minute.
== Safestrap+ddroid Installation (no longer recommended and outdated) ==
''' [https://github.com/stargo/android_packages_apps_Safestrap/releases/tag/v3.75 SafeStrap] + [https://github.com/tmlind/ddroid ddroid] from eMMC or SD card '''
PostmarketOS has some information how to install safestrap: [https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/Motorola_Droid_4_(motorola-maserati) in wiki]
Flashing the zip file is quite confusing / tricky:
Boot options, select slot with Leste, Activate.
In main menu: Install, scroll down to select ddroid-....zip file, swipe to confirm flash. You will get error, including "ApplyParsePerms, set_metadata_recursive, Error executing updater binary, Unable to mount." Red "failed" will appear. These are normal. Proceed by selecting "Reboot System", you'll get one more warning that system is not installed, swipe to confirm reboot.
Red motorola logo will appear, press search button to continue boot, phone vibrates, then vibrates again, then green led comes on. After about a minute, console appears, then disappears and X comes to life.

== Kernel development (old and outdated) ==
== Kernel development (old and outdated) ==

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Motorola Droid 4
Motorola Droid 4 - Leste pre-alpha.jpg
Manufacturer Motorola
Codename Maserati
Hardware Features
Software Features


Also see Motorola_Droid_4/Modem Motorola_Droid_4/PowerVR

Also see: http://elektranox.org/droid4/ While using a serial cable, if you lose the connection, the following may help:

18:43 < tmlind> sicelo: hmm the uart debug cable multiplexing still has issues, if the uart disappears during boot it should come back with 
                the console login propt later
18:45 < tmlind> try plugging in a pc usb cable then back to uart cable in case that might help


Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version 5.0 Mainline + some patches not yet in mainline
Serial Yes On MicroUSB port, requires special cable
Charging Yes
Wireless Yes
Ethernet N/A
Micro USB Yes OTG
Keyboard Yes Slightly modified keyboard layout, see https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-omap/msg135137.html (TLDR; Shift key produces CTRL, SYM produces ALT, and Caps lock produces SHIFT)
Screen Yes
3D Acceleration Not yet Also PowerVR - see Motorola Droid 4/PowerVR
Touchscreen Yes Capacitive
Audio Yes
2G/3G data WIP Reported to work, no UI yet - see https://github.com/maemo-leste/connui-cellular/
SMS WIP Reported to work, no UI yet
Phone calls WIP Reported to work, no UI yet
Bluetooth Not yet Needs firmware. Download https://github.com/TI-ECS/bt-firmware/blob/master/TIInit_10.6.15.bts and save it in /lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/
FM Transmitter N/A
FM Receiver Not yet
Accelerometer ? Available as input device, needs MCE work
Proximity sensor ?
HDMI-out WIP works, but not with hildon-desktop
TV-out N/A
Vibration Motor Yes
Compass No Mainline supports it, so Leste needs to add config

Installation using kexecboot

This procedure will erase existing android and/or safestrap.

Hardware requirements:

  • Droid4 with fully charged battery
  • MicroUSB cable
  • MicroSD card

Software requirements:

  • Host Linux or Windows system
  • Android Tools: fastboot and adb
  • git (optional)
  • Flashing tools:
    • XZ Utils and coreutils for Linux
    • Etcher[1] for Windows

Download from https://maedevu.maemo.org/images/droid4/

  1. VRZ_XT894_9.8.2O-72_VZW-18-8_CFC.xml.zip
  2. flash-droid-4-fw.sh (Linux) or flash-droid-4-fs.bat (Windows)
  3. Latest maemo-leste-1.0-armhf-droid4-*.img.xz

And clone (or download the zip for):


  1. Create a working directory with above mentioned files in it
  2. unzip VRZ_XT894_9.8.2O-72_VZW-18-8_CFC.xml.zip
  3. With the Droid4 booted into Android, go to "Developer options" in Settings, and enable "USB debugging".
  4. Connect the device to the host machine with MicroUSB cable
    • If you have safestrap installed on the device, go to safestrap, reboot, reboot to bootloader
    • If you do not have safestrap, issue on the host: adb reboot bootloader
  5. Run the flash-droid-4-fw script from the extracted android directory (VRZ_XT894_9.8.2O-72_VZW-18-8_CFC.xml). Run it as admin/root if it does not find the device
  6. If you get errors while writing the image files, try a better MicroUSB cable.
  7. Wait for the flashing script to complete. This can take a few minutes. The droid will reboot a couple of times to the bootloader.

Then go to the droid4-kexecboot directory and run (possibly as sudo):

  1. fastboot flash mbm path/to/android/zip/allow-mbmloader-flashing-mbm.bin
  2. fastboot reboot-bootloader
  3. fastboot flash bpsw current/droid4-kexecboot.img
  4. fastboot flash utags utags-mmcblk1p13.bin

Then reboot the device (hold the power button for one or two seconds) and wait for it to get through the first boot. It will show a green android with something moving in it's stomach, as well as a progress bar. Then the device should show kexecboot for a few seconds before it boots to Android.

Now, flash the Maemo Leste image to your sdcard:

On Linux:

  1. xzcat maemo-leste-1.0-armhf-droid4-20190227.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/MICROSDCARD-DEVICE
  2. sync

On Windows: Use Etcher

Wait for the sync to complete and and insert the SD card into the Droid 4. Reboot the device and select Maemo Leste from the kexecboot menu.

You will now have see Maemo Leste boot up, and show you an unaccelerated hildon-desktop after about one minute.

Kernel development (old and outdated)

Linux 4.14 plus patches

Status: http://elektranox.org/droid4/

Sources: linux-stable 4.14.y, patches