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This page or section is a stub. Ask how you can help improve by visiting #maemo-leste, look at the bugtracker ( or if you are able to contribute to the current page, then you are welcome to do so.


This page attempts to document useful links or other info to get powervr to work on Droid 4 with mainline kernel.

TI releases: ; perhaps also this:

According to Release Notes, the last SDK to support SGX540 is (SGX core revision 1.2.0, gfx_dbg_es7.x / gfx_rel_es7.x folders).

The last SDK with X11 support (DRI/DRM Xorg driver) is

Pandaboard (ES) might be a suitable test platform since it is very similar to the Droid 4, and there are/were Ubuntu releases for it:

Ubuntu resources: - TI OMAP-related packages, including PowerVR drivers

Ubuntu kernel module mirror:

Way to use TI drivers with modern X modesetting driver + glamor? ;

There also exists leaked Android SGX540 DDK source code for OMAP4 device by LG, which is not linked here, but is easy to find and could be used as last resort.

Some notes from irc:

20:57 < Wizzup> NeKit: I made a stub page here -
20:57 < Wizzup> feel free to add ideas, links/resources, etc
21:37 < NeKit> edited page a bit
21:37 < NeKit> so support was cut after SDK release, makes me wonder why
21:39 < Wizzup> for what, for xorg or the older omap
21:40 < Wizzup> or sgx :)
21:40 < Wizzup> (all these names confuse me)
21:40 < NeKit> SGX540
21:42 < Wizzup> we should also involve nikolaus perhaps
21:42 < NeKit> it has SGX core 1.2.0 and folder suffix is es7.x
21:42 < Wizzup> ah, ok, I didn't realise it had that core
21:43 < NeKit> - notice 7.x is missing in
21:44 < Wizzup> what sgx does n900 have? I don't even remember
21:44 < NeKit> SGX530, not sure for core revision
21:44 < Wizzup> ok
21:44 < NeKit> N9/N950 is also SGX530
21:46 < Wizzup>
21:46 < Wizzup> seems this is the latest pandaboard release
21:47 < Wizzup> this is last non internal -
21:50 < Wizzup> not sure why it was dropped :)
21:51 < Wizzup>  SDOCM00085667 - Removal of non supported/deprecated devices - OMAP35x with SGX Core 1.0.3(OMAPES=2.x while building) and
                AM45x(Panda board- OMAPES=7.x)
21:51 < Wizzup> here:

Wizzup plans to take the following steps:

1. Boot mainline on pandaboard 2. Boot latest ubuntu pvr supported kernel on pandaboard 3. See if works on latest ubuntu pvr kernel - if not, ouch 4. See if there are newer releases from ti (kernel and userspace) that might work 5. Port to mainline 6. See if it works on droid4 7. See if various mainline forward ports can be merged (Nikolaus' work)

All of this is assuming omapdrmfb, not omapfb