Nokia N9

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Nokia N9
Manufacturer Nokia
Codename Lankku
Dimensions 116.5x61.2x12.1mm
Release Date September 2011
DRAM 1024M
Hardware Features
LCD 480x854 3.9" AMOLED
Video PowerVR SGX530
Storage 16/64GB flash
Software Features





In Harmattan, go to Settings->Applications->Installations and enable Allow installation from non-Store sources. Then connect to WiFi and navigate to and install the package.

After installation, go to Settings->Security->Developer mode and enable Developer mode. Your device will do some operations and then reboot. Once rebooted, reconnect to WiFi if necessary and go back to Settings->Security->Developer mode and install Debugging (other packages as a plus). Now you should have a Terminal app.

For root access, in the terminal you can type:

$ devel-su
Password: rootme

For ssh access, set a password for the user:

$ devel-su
# passwd user 

Then you can ssh:

$ ssh user@RM696

Remove openmode warning:

$ devel-su
# disclaimer-cal remove View-openmode

Download ubiboot (on device):

$ mkdir -p /home/user/MyDocs/boot && cd /home/user/MyDocs/boot
$ wget
$ tar xf ubiboot-02_0.3.5_301013.tar
$ rm ubiboot-02_0.3.5_301013.tar
$ md5sum *
e76ed3f0cf0cc172f668b970ae778a71  md5sums.txt
d1e1a6eb6d877f53a01e946a5ccf5017  ubiboot-02.menus.cpio
adfbdc7d6cca6638b2dd079105d8daeb  ubiboot.conf
d6d7081cffe2684944f141bc9a71fea9  zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_301013
$ devel-su
# cd /boot
# wget
# cd /
# wget
# md5sum preinits.tar
515a8e1e5506f45afbc139c137d496b7  preinits.tar
# tar xf preinits.tar
# rm preinits.tar

Put your device in Upgrade mode:

$ lsusb
Bus 001 Device 084: ID 0421:0105 Nokia Mobile Phones Nokia Firmware Upgrade Mode

Disable watchdogs:

# 0xFFFF -F no-omap-wd,no-ext-wd,no-lifeguard-reset

Power off the N9 completely, and run flasher to flash ubiboot kernel, then connect the N9 with USB:

# flasher -a firmware.bin -k zImage_2.6.32.54-ubiboot-02_301013 --flash-only=kernel -f -R

If everything was performed correctly, the device should boot in an animated bootmenu if you disconnected the USB cable, or maintenance mode if USB is still connected.