Nokia N900

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Nokia N900
Nokia N900 - Leste pre-alpha.jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Hardware Features
USB (Host/OTG) Micro USB 2.0 Slave
Software Features

The original Nokia N900.


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NOTE: Do not use the speakers yet unless you know what you are doing - you may fry them if you are not careful.


Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version 4.15 Mainline + PowerVR Patches:
Serial Yes Requires special hardware
Charging Yes
Wireless Yes
Ethernet N/A
(Micro USB) Yes Slave only, Host Untested
Keyboard Yes
Screen Yes Uses omapfb, not omapdrmfb yet
3D Acceleration WIP Works, but could be faster/better,
Touchscreen Yes Resistive
Audio Yes Everything should work (minus speaker protection), but requires complex alsa configuration
2G/3G data WIP Works with ofono; but no work has been done on any integration; see and
SMS WIP Works with ofono, no UI, not enabled by default
Phone calls WIP Reported to work, no UI, poor quality, not enabled by default (might require pulseaudio audio filters)
FM Transmitter Not yet
FM Receiver Not yet
Accelerometer Not yet Available as input device, needs MCE work
Proximity sensor Not yet
HDMI-out N/A
TV-out Not yet Should work in kernel, didn't get it to work yet
GPS WIP Works using gps3 and gpsd



dd the image to an sd card. Then boot from the sd card using either 0xFFFF/flasher-3.5 or u-boot/bootmenu: