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This page or section is a stub. Ask how you can help improve by visiting #maemo-leste, look at the bugtracker ( or if you are able to contribute to the current page, then you are welcome to do so.

For Device specific status pages, see See Category:Device

The table below documents what features work on Maemo Leste on at least one device, without (a lot of) console hackery. This usually means that the feature should be decently integrated and that there has to be a UI available. This is *independent* of specific device drivers or just specified devices and doesn't mean that it necessarily works on a device

Feature Status Leste software Notes
Desktop environment OK hildon hildon home, hildon desktop, .
Terminal OK osso-xterm
Virtual keyboard WIP hildon-input-meta Should work fine for all devices, GTK2 only.
Wireless OK libicd-network-wpasupplicant Works out of the box. Needs testing;
Bluetooth WIP Just works if supported in the kernel, but no Maemo UI available to configure it, blueman-manager can be used
Browser WIP ? qtwebbrowser works
Audio OK ? [Basic audio/sounds work (like, notifications, charging notification, etc); will need to import alsa-policy-enforcement, port OHM
Battery / charging OK status-area-applet-battery, mce, upower
USB Peripheral OK hildon-status-bar-usb, ke-recv Basic support in place for N900/Droid4/Allwinner, see ; ;
LED control OK mce Make sure the notifications are enabled in settings.
Mobile Data OK connui-cellular libicd-network-ofono There is basic libicd-network-ofono, connui-cellular is being ported to ofono, UI needs some more work, but mostly just works
GPS OK gpsd, liblocation, location-daemon
SMS OK sphone, conversations, ofono, telepathy-ring ?
Phone Calls OK sphone, ofono, telepathy-ring ? Just works on most of the devices, except for the n900
Application Manager OK hildon-application-manager Works fine, theme might look a bit off on higher resolution displays
Media Player WIP OMP (open media player) being ported, listening to radio streams works, local music/video coming tracking issue
PDF Viewer Mostly works osso-pdf-viewer osso-pdf-viewer
Games & Entertainment OK Works (available in Leste Extras sdl fullscreen game importing
Theming OK Works with themes (available in Leste Extras
Calendar OK Qalendar UI, syncing works. (UI needs some scrolling work)
Qt OK Qt5 port mostly works +