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Installation to SD Card

After updating device firmware with included script (eg.

Download an image appropriate for your device from [1]

Insert a microsd card into your computer and find the device with cat /proc/partitions

Decompress and write the image to your microsd card device:

xzcat maemo-leste-VERSION.img.xz | sudo dd status=progress bs=1M of=/dev/MICROSDCARD-DEVICE

Expand the root partition to fill SD card

A helpful script is included to expand the root partition to fill the microSD card. After booting and logging in to root, execute: sudo /etc/

This will expand the root partition to fill the microSD card using resize2fs.

(SSH) Login

User credentials are: user:user

Root credentials are: root:toor

You should prefer logging in as user and then escalating to root with sudo as necessary.

In images newer than 17 January 2021, root SSH is disabled by default.

Useful Bits

Lock Code (applies to N900 only)

  • Default lockcode is "12345"
  • Lockcode can only be changed/used on N900, since the current implementation depends on a special "cal" partition. QEMU and all other Leste supported devices do not have it. (TODO: Confirm if N9 and N950 have it too)

More RAM

You can install zram-tools from the repo, and edit /etc/default/zramswap as necessary. It's probably convenient to set allocation to 1024. hildon-base (and it's hildon-env-setup initscript) are aware if zramswap in installed and will activate zram. If you have an image older than 17 January 2021, you should remove the existing zram initscript and install zram-tools to utilize this functionality.

Remove it with:

rc-update del zram
rm /etc/init.d/zram


See Tweaking