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Welcome to the Maemo Leste wiki; Maemo Leste continues the legacy of Maemo Fremantle. We aim to provide a free Maemo experience on mobile phones and tablets like the Nokia N900, Motorola Droid 4, PinePhone, Allwinner Tablets and more.

You can find us on, channel #maemo-leste, you can use Matrix to connect if you wish.

For an overview of the current status, you might want to check out: Status

Maemo Leste is based on Devuan Chimaera (Debian Chimaera) and all the "supported" devices ship with recent Linux (mainline-based) kernels.

The project is currently not usable as a daily driver for your device. Maemo Leste is currently in development phase and we are actively searching for developers.

For some devices, we have development images available, such as the Nokia_N900, the Motorola Droid 4 and the PinePhone. So far we have set up Devuan/Debian repositories for our packages, with builds for armhf, arm64 and amd64. We have FOSS replacements for some closed Maemo packages, further building on the Maemo community efforts to replace all closed bits by open software.

If you have not used Maemo before, you might want to check out some of the tips on the HowTo page.

Useful resources, lists and pages


The central point of meeting and talking is IRC ( in #maemo-leste) and this thread: