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Welcome to the Maemo Leste wiki; Maemo Leste continues the legacy of Maemo (Fremantle). We aim to provide a free Maemo experience on mobile phones and tablets like the Nokia N900, Motorola Droid 4, Allwinner Tablets and more.

You can find us on freenode, channel #maemo-leste.

Maemo Leste is based on Devuan Ascii (Debian Stretch) and all the "supported" devices ship with recent Linux (mainline-based) kernels.

The project is currently not usable as a daily driver for your device. Maemo Leste is currently in development phase and we are actively searching for developers. For some devices, we have development images available, such as the N900.

So far we have set up devuan/debian repositories for our packages, with builds for armel, armhf and amd64. We have FOSS replacements for some closed maemo packages, further building on the Maemo community efforts to replace all closed bits by open software.


Supported Devices





U-Boot from sdcard

Boot through flasher from sdcard

Known Issues and workarounds

Kernel development







ubiboot from eMMC

  1. Install ubiboot.
  2. Create a new slice on the eMMC and format it to ext4.
  3. Mount your new ext4 slice and unpack the .tar.gz dist (N9 - 20180424, N950 - 20180424) to it.
  4. Configure ubiboot.conf. This guide assumes you will use slot 5 for Maemo Leste (example):
    • Set G_OS5_INITSCRIPT to \/sbin\/preinit
    • Set G_OS5_NUM to 1
    • Set G_OS5_PARTITION to the partition number of your Maemo Leste slice
    • Set G_OS5_NAME to Maemo
    • Set G_OS5_1_LABEL to Maemo Leste - Linux 4.16 or whatever description you like
    • Set G_OS5_1_FILE to /boot/Maemo/boot/zImage
  5. Reboot to ubiboot and select the slot for Maemo Leste.

If you don't want to repartition your eMMC, there are two alternatives:

  • Use N9 Easy Boot.
  • Unpack the dist to Harmattan's /home directory and set G_OS5_PARTITION in ubiboot.conf to 3. This will result in Maemo Leste sharing a slice with Harmattan's /home. Be careful when removing Maemo Leste, not to remove Harmattan's user or developer home directories.

Kernel development

Linux 4.16.4 plus patches

N950 status:

N9 status:

Sources: linux-stable 4.16.y, N950 patches, N9 patches


Droid 4



SafeStrap + ddroid from eMMC or SD card

(This is the boot method currently being used but we'll probably replace this with droid4-kexecboot to aid kernel updates via deb package)

Kernel development

Linux 4.14 plus patches


Sources: linux-stable 4.14.y, patches


Generic AMD64


Allwinner A20 LIME2


Allwinner A33 Tablet


Raspberry 2 or 3




Set up a VM


Packages needed testing


Packages needed building


Packages needed porting



Project milestones