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Manufacturer Pine64
SoC Allwinner A64

The first Pinephone (development) phone


Screen is 'portrait' by default, phone has no keyboard, Hildon needs more work to work well without a keyboard on portrait.

Lima-enabled mesa is available in the 'lima' component: /


Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version 5.4 Mainline + some patches:
Serial Yes Via headphone jack (disable headphone switch)
Charging Yes
Wireless Yes Involves installing out of tree driver
Ethernet N/A
Bluetooth  ?
Infrared N/A TX only (hardware limitation).
USB C Yes Peripheral/slave only, exposes network gadget by default. Host Untested
Keyboard N/A  !
Screen Yes Modesetting driver
3D Acceleration Yes lima (!)
Touchscreen Yes Capacitive
Audio Yes
2G/3G data WIP Works with ofono; UI underway: ; see
SMS WIP Works with ofono, will using telepathy-ring, no UI yet, not enabled by default
Phone calls WIP Reported to work, no UI, poor quality, not enabled by default
Accelerometer  ? Available as input device, needs MCE work
Proximity sensor  ?
RGB LED WIP Works, but mce can't deal with LEDs without controllers yet.
Vibration Motor  ?
GPS WIP Should work on the modem