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For Device specific status pages, see See Category:Device

The table below documents what features work on Maemo Leste on at least one device, without (a lot of) console hackery. This usually means that the feature should be decently integrated and that there has to be a UI available. This is *independent* of specific device drivers or just specified devices and doesn't mean that it necessarily works on a device

Feature Status Leste software Notes
Desktop environment OK hildon hildon home, hildon desktop, .
Terminal OK osso-xterm
Virtual keyboard OK hildon-input-meta Should work on N900; other devices with some work (requires additional files not yet packaged)
Wireless OK icd2 + connui + libicd-network-wpasupplicant Should work out of the box on N900. Needs testing;
Bluetooth No(t yet)  ?
Browser No(t yet)  ? Various browsers can be installed, none are quite optimal currently
Audio WIP  ? Basic audio/sounds work (like, notifications, charging notification, etc)
Battery / charging OK status-area-applet-battery, mce, upower
USB Peripheral WIP hildon-status-bar-usb, ke-recv Basic support in place for N900, see ; ;
LED control No(t yet) mce Currently, this doesn't work yet
2G/3G/4G data No(t yet) icd2 + libicd-network-ofono(?) There is no libicd-network-ofono yet, and no connui plugin for gprs/umts/lte data
GPS No(t yet) gpsd or liblocation/location-daemon Fremantle location services are closed
SMS No(t yet) ofono, ? No UI
Phone No(t yet) ofono, ? No UI, audio routing