Pine64 DontBeEvil Devkit

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Pine64 DontBeEvil Devkit
Manufacturer Pine64
SoC Allwinner A64
Hardware Features
Software Features

PinePhone devkit, codenamed "Don't Be Evil".


WIP. We are working on images. A lot of things already work, though.'t_be_evil

See this page for some screenshots:

Lima-enabled mesa is available in the 'lima' component: /



Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version 5.1-rc7
Serial Yes
Charging Yes
Wireless Yes 8723bs
Ethernet Yes
Bluetooth ??
USB C Yes Host and OTG
Keyboard N/A
Screen Yes
3D Acceleration Yes/WIP Mali/Lima
Touchscreen Yes
Audio Yes Headphones and speaker work
2G/3G/LTE data WIP Quectel EC25 LTE Module; unable to test due to SIM routing problem:'t_be_evil#Errata_for_ver1.1_and_ver1.2_board
Phone calls WIP
HDMI-out Yes
Front Camera ??? Either front or back camera already works
Back Camera ??? Either front or back camera already works