Nexus 5

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Nexus 5
Manufacturer LG
Codename Hammerhead
Hardware Features
USB (Host/OTG) Micro USB 2.0 Slave
Software Features


See Nexus 5/WIP


Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version ? ?
Serial ?
Charging Yes
Wireless Yes
Ethernet N/A
(Micro USB) ?
Keyboard N/A
Screen Yes
3D Acceleration ?
Touchscreen Yes
Audio ?
2G/3G data ?
Phone calls ?
FM Transmitter ?
FM Receiver ?
Accelerometer ?
Proximity sensor ?
HDMI-out ?
TV-out N/A


There are no images available at this time.

1. Boot to fastmode - power of the device, and press and hold power, volume up and volume down. After a few second, you will see the fastboot menu. 2. Unlock: sudo fastboot oem unlock 3. Boot (test) image: sudo fastboot boot test.img