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Nokia N950
Manufacturer Nokia



ubiboot from eMMC

  1. Install ubiboot.
  2. Create a new slice on the eMMC and format it to ext4.
  3. Mount your new ext4 slice and unpack the .tar.gz dist (N9 - 20180424, N950 - 20180424) to it.
  4. Configure ubiboot.conf. This guide assumes you will use slot 5 for Maemo Leste (example):
    • Set G_OS5_INITSCRIPT to \/sbin\/preinit
    • Set G_OS5_NUM to 1
    • Set G_OS5_PARTITION to the partition number of your Maemo Leste slice
    • Set G_OS5_NAME to Maemo
    • Set G_OS5_1_LABEL to Maemo Leste - Linux 4.16 or whatever description you like
    • Set G_OS5_1_FILE to /boot/Maemo/boot/zImage
  5. Reboot to ubiboot and select the slot for Maemo Leste.

If you don't want to repartition your eMMC, there are two alternatives:

  • Use N9 Easy Boot.
  • Unpack the dist to Harmattan's /home directory and set G_OS5_PARTITION in ubiboot.conf to 3. This will result in Maemo Leste sharing a slice with Harmattan's /home. Be careful when removing Maemo Leste, not to remove Harmattan's user or developer home directories.

Kernel development

Linux 4.16.4 plus patches

N950 status:

N9 status:

Sources: linux-stable 4.16.y, N950 patches, N9 patches