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For the upcoming openfest, i had the idea of recording a bunch of videodemos of Leste currentstate on Droid 4, with some show-off stuff.


I'm using a simple mjpeg HDMI capture unit.

There's some confusion about how to setup xrandr, so i'll be looking into that aswell.


  • tasknav view of a youtube video playing + a 3D game
  • youtube background playback
  • true multitasking
  • how well chromium/chrome works!
  • sfone frontends
  • conversations
  • app manager

  • openlara , devilutionX , GZdoom , pcsx-rearmed , dethrace
  • install some devuan/debian upstream program

  • blender?
  • gimp
  • puredata with GEM (and gl4es?)

  • please add your ideas of stuff that people should see!