Raspberry Pi 2

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Raspberry Pi 2
Manufacturer Raspberry Pi Foundation

32-bit armv7 build for the Raspberry Pi 2, also compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3.


Make sure that HDMI is connected on boot, otherwise dsme will reboot the device.


Feature Leste supported Notes
Kernel version 4.15 (or 4.16?) Mainline, no patches
Serial Unknown
Charging N/A
Wireless Yes
Ethernet Yes
USB Yes Host
Keyboard N/A (USB attached works fine)
Screen Yes
3D Acceleration Yes Free driver
Touchscreen Yes (external)
Audio Yes
2G/3G data N/A
Phone calls N/A
FM Transmitter N/A
FM Receiver N/A
Accelerometer N/A
Proximity sensor N/A
HDMI-out Yes
TV-out Not yet


Images: http://maedevu.maemo.org/images/raspi2/

dd the image to an sd card. Then boot from the sd card. Have a monitor connected to HDMI.