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Checking that I Understood this correctly

Bootloader (U-Boot) setup Quick

If you don't want to configure u-boot from Fremantle, or your Fremantle rootfs is broken), or you just want to install quickly:

1. Either download 0xFFFF (binary for x86) from or build from source from

2. Download u-boot from

3. Turn off Nokia N900,insert the SD Card with the image mentioned above, issue the following command on PC sudo ./0xFFFF -m test/u-boot-2013.04-2.bin -l and connect Nokia N900 to the PC

4. Open the keyboard slider on the N900, and then issue following command on PC to test boot: ./0xFFFF -b

This should present u-boot from which you can select external SD card and boot to Maemo Leste. If you are presented with a menu, select the option to boot from External SD card. If you just get a command prompt, type run sdboot.

To flash u-boot permanently, you can issue the following command

(Be careful though. This will replace the existing fremantle kernel. Only do this if you do not care about the existing maemo installation or you know how to recover from this condition))

sudo ./0xFFFF -m test/u-boot-2013.04-2.bin -f Existing Fremantle

If you have a functional Fremantle installation, which means you can use your device normally and you can type the following commands on your n900 device, you can follow these steps instead:

1. Install "U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1" [Where do I get this how to I install it?]

2. Install "Linux kernel for power user (boot image for U-Boot)". This is optional, but recommended. [Where do I get this how to I install it?]

3. Add Maemo Leste menu item (run as root): [Does this mean open the terminal and type the following with SUDO?]

cat > /etc/bootmenu.d/30-maemo-leste.item << "EOF" && ITEM_NAME="Maemo Leste" ITEM_KERNEL="uImage" ITEM_DEVICE="${EXT_CARD}p1" ITEM_FSTYPE="ext2" EOF u-boot-update-bootmenu

4. Reboot the device with the keyboard slide open (U-boot will boot the default option if the keyboard slide is closed)